This group of likeminded individuals has created a resource to inform viewers of some of the coolest daily streams online, check their statement below and be sure to follow them to see their full intricate scheduling on Instagram, FaceBook and Twitter

If you are like me, right now you miss the rave, club and the dancefloor more than ever. That said, there are an incredible amount of livestreams taking place all over the world that are bringing the community closer together in a unique way. And at a moment in time when we couldn't be further apart, this is a beautiful thing!

With that, Stream Informer is constantly surfing the web to bring the online dance music community the best in streams from around the world. Here I highlight and support the artists and DJs who allow us to be free on the dancefloor. Right now it's important to know that they need us as much as we need them. Every day I post a detailed, specifically curated stream schedule featuring some of my major highlights not to be missed. As the day progresses I also provide constant updates, as I know DJ livestreams can pop up at any time. Each day is a virtual stream-hopping festival and it's the most fun we all can have without leaving our homes.

Tune in, stream on