Composr | Just Ship It | June 26, 2020

Composr (born Andrew Serrato) is a producer from Inland Empire, California.

Composr began his musical journey as a drummer for various bands throughout his teenage years. In 2008, he began his music production career in a futuristic indie/electronic duo called VCR Monster. There, he produced beats and performed live on a synthesizer. During their five year span, the duo released multiple EP’s and performed throughout LA. Their music can be found here. Shortly after their disbandment in 2013, Composr moved to New York and began his solo career producing house music under the name SNVTCH. During this time, he adopted a brand new sound, experimenting with sounds from subgenres of house and techno music. Over time, his sound changed and he adopted the name Composr. Throughout his career, Composr has been able to blend sounds and textures of music in order to create a unique, lively but dark sound. Moving forward, he hopes to adopt a more futuristic sound, mixed with orchestral and cinematic aspects.