Malkam performing live in the first IF IT FITS IT SHIPS

In an era where creativity and originality are under appreciated, Malkam, a 24 year old Jamaican artist based in NYC, is sticking to his plan and trusting the process. Delivering content that is 100% curated by him, he shows off his balance in word play and evolving beat making abilities. Diversity is one of the biggest characteristics of his art. In addition to producing, engineering, and rapping he also owns his own clothing brand, (BabyBoy), in which every piece of clothing is customized and handmade. 
 Born & raised in Jamaica, Malkam was traveling between Kingston and NYC from the age of 4 and eventually moved to NYC at the age of 13 due to the rise in violence in his community Swallowfield. Because of this his work draws influences from both dancehall, and American hip-hop and R&B. Malkam was the fourth of nine children on his dad's side and second of three on his mom's.