Leveler Tutorial

Leveler Tutorial | Just Ship It | June 26, 2020

Leveler lets people give each other money, without reliance on traditional slow-moving institutional methods of philanthropy. This is necessary because people need aid now. In times of crisis, it’s unjust to force those who would stand in solidarity with one another to compete for basic needs. Leveler provides organizers with tools to both mobilize their community or cause and facilitate peer-to-peer, redistribution transfers.

Since launching in March, leveler has facilitated thousands of transfers from distributors to recipients. As of June, four new leveler communities of circumstance and place have launched using the platform. If you are interested in distributing a small portion of your wealth or creating a leveler database for your community, visit http://leveler.info.

Our guiding principles:

From each according to their ability, to each according to their needs. It is imperative to build and strengthen our local communities and economies around sustainable, cooperative, and equitable principles of sharing. We must recast our ethical underpinnings to embrace our collective values and interdependence.

Resources should be shared freely. We operate under a framework that reflects and supports humanity’s interconnectedness - the resources page is a place to strategize, organize, and connect with other mutual aid efforts, as well as funding opportunities outside of leveler.

Solidarity is revolutionary. We can bail each other out, plain and simple. If we focus on securing the basic needs of our neighbors, rather than bolstering the outmoded, unequal power relationships that underlie much of society, we not only push forward conversations that once seemed radical, but move beyond ideas and into action.

Leveler is a not-for-profit organization. No money passes through our platform. All transactions are peer-to-peer.

All proceeds generated from Leveler x Shipping will benefit the Black Trans Travel Fund.