Offline Projects - One Night Only

Offline Projects collaborative video piece One Night Only on the first IF IT FITS IT SHIPS

One Night Only is a collaboration between artists Adrian Yu and Daniel Mangosing, born out of a historical investigation of parallel stories of spectacle & oppression within the Chinese and Filipino diaspora. The piece marries the stories of Afong Moy and the Igorrotes of Coney Island, both examples of exhibitions where viewers could pay nickels to view human sculptures that fed upon the American lust for Orientalism as spectacle. Reimagined as monsters inspired by Chinese and Filipino mythology, the animation borrows elements of video game “bosses” to transform cultural lust into elements of horror and terror. The title is a reference to the original flyer for Afong Moy as an exhibition available for “One Week Only”, advertising her “astonishing little feet” and "Chinese costume”.