Ciel with visuals by Hazelboy
January 29, 2021

Ciel is a Xi'an-born and Toronto-based producer, pianist, promoter, radio host, and DJ. She is the creator of Toronto's women-prioritizing Work in Progress party series, a co-founder of the immersive events platform It's Not U It's Me, and a co-owner of the Parallel Minds label with Daniel 58 and Yohei S. She hosts a monthly radio show on Rinse FM & is a member of Discwoman. Her first EP came out on Peach Discs in 2017 to acclaim. She followed that up with an EP on Coastal Haze called Hundred Flowers and a 4-tracker on Ghostly International's sister label, Spectral Sound. Her new release, Trojan Horse, is out now on Umfang's label Thanks for Enlightening Me, and she released her first collaborative EP as Psychedelic Budz with D. Tiffany on Planet Euphorique in 2020.