Lil Seyi

Lil Seyi

From Maryland to the world, artist, producer and Cheverly born Lil Seyi is becoming one of the most resounding and authentic young voices in the cutting edge of hip-hop.

His debut release which boasts both title track Deciduous and Evergreen (co-signed to Kitsune Music), draws similarities to the likes of Tyler, The Creator, Kendrick Lamar and Anderson Paak. Seyi, a 19 yo Stanford Scholar, began producing music from an early age and had worked across several projects as a producer before taking the leap into his own solo career.

Rather than churning out throwaway projects, he opts for a more timeless route, crafting projects layered with creativity and positive messages that encapsulate his distinct personality and background.

Check out Tambourine the latest single from Lil Seyi.