DJ Set

APRIL 14, 2021

Trained in classical piano from a young age, Dalton Taylor found his passion for music and instrumentation early in life. Later on after picking up the saxophone, he played in jazz combos and made cameos in ska bands extending his range of taste far beyond Chopin.
A native Nebraskan, Dalton moved to NYC six years ago to study fashion. Fresh in the city, he quickly became a regular in the nightlife scene. Wanting to take his love for music, nightlife, and the culture around it one step further, he began to stay after-hours at clubs and learn the basics of DJing from friends and fellow musicians during early AM jam sessions. Two years later, he has played some of the most well known clubs in the city with a repertoire reflecting his expansive tastes. 90’s House and Hiphop, Disco, and Minimal Techno top 4 go-to crates.