APRIL 1, 2021

Sebastián Maria

“Sebastián Maria is a Colombian-American sound artist living and working in Brooklyn, New York. He is known for his original music compositions and DJ sets of experimental Latinx music. His work draws upon diverse influences and sources, including música urbana, raggaeton, cumbia, musique concrète, chance operations, field recordings, house, and hardcore. His 2019 record LUNITAS was listed as one of the “best albums of 2019” (tinymixtapes.com). “Prolific in his production and dissection of the New York Music scene” (D. Figurski, Hécatombe Magazine), in 2020 alone Maria released two new records, L.L. and AéAé. “L.L.” celebrates and signals a debt to diasporic memory while remaining individual in calculation,” and “[pulls dexterously] from the trappings and tokens of bit-crushed harsh noise, sound art, glitch, and field recording while remaining firmly aware of the cultural residues to which they are so dedicated.” (S. David, Igloo Magazine). Maria describes the more recent AéAé as “an album for the dance floor in a time when dance floors don’t exist.” It’s “plentiful and rapid-fire [beats], infused with South American chants” and “strong harmonic sense… …might serve as the score to the world’s most modern street festival” (A Closer Listen).” – James O’Callaghan